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Welcome to our site...Last UpDated: June 23, 2002

We now have a new site:
Bear River Mushing Co.

We are located in
Newry Maine on rt 26 North ,
6 1/2 miles up from rt. 2.
Near Grafton Notch State Park.
An hour from Conway NH,
Gorham NH , Colbrook NH & An hour1/2 from Portland ME

Our goal is to educate northern breed lovers about the breed and find the right match between the dogs & new families & offer support through out the dogs life.
We are now offering sled dog rides and classes
(An Introduction to Sled Dogs)
with our rescues,
which will help raise money for our cause.

The rescue is family owned and operated. We have been working with rescues for 10 years , &the siberians continue to amaze us.

We currently have 23 siberians, some of them are my own dogs which at one time were rescues, and the other siberians are rescues, needing new homes.

All the dogs are at different levels of training.

We keep all the siberians at least 6 months before they are ready for new homes, although it does vary accordingly,
some are ready to go sooner.

All the siberians are up to date on all vet work.

Their training consists of:
Basic obedience, Voice and hand commands, they are taught social skills with other canines, learn to interact with children and adults.
I also train all the siberians in harness..

This program is a no kill program.....The siberians
are here until they are placed into the best home for their individual needs.

The rescue is on an enclosed acre, the siberians are turned out during the day in to compatible groups where they can play and socialize.
They are a happy and healthy group.

You are welcome anytime..

Kim Baker

( Ephraim & Thunder )